Specially designed and intended for golf amateurs for their residences, condos, inns and resort hotels.

New technology delivers a high performance synthetic turf surface.

The synthetic fibres are specially manufactured to have characteristics that closely simulates real natural grass.

Reproduces the same play speed without altering the ball's direction.

The ideal solution for allowing you to practice the sport whenever you desire without the maintenance that natural grass requires.


The most significant factor to consider when one chooses a synthetic turf for a practice green is the availability for use, no maintenace or downtime and the extremely low expense. We have a complete line of synthetic grass in polypropylene or nylon which allows you to the freedom to choose the most appropriate type(s) for your needs.

The installation of our energy impact absorption system (E.A.C.STM ) allows practice on short or long approaches.

Can be discreetly integrated into landscape or can become the center of attraction. The design and installation of synthetic greens have the same characteristics as golf courses with natural grass.

Installed according to your tastes and needs. The designs can integrate various levels of difficulty from standard to challenging. Golfers may choose short or long approaches to the hole. Improves and supplements your landscape

• Surface compares favourably to natural grass
• Same color as real natural grass
• Lifespan of more than 20 years
• Extend your play season
• Resists bad weather and UV rays
• Low maintenance
• Balls do not mark
• Adjustable play speed (8-11 on the stimpmeter)
• Quick and easy installation
• May be installed on a base of crushed stone, indoors or outdoors

Comments from satisfied clients:

" We are very pleased with our investment that involved the construction of a four-season practice green and our clients are extremely pleased. " - Auberge La Rotonde

" Having tried and found very positive experience with our practice green for four season golf, we did not hesitate a second to order another one for our cottage. " - The Bouvrette Family

" A practice green is ideal to be able to practice my putting shots at any time and is only a few meters from my home. " – Marco Ruberto

" What is better after a long work day than to go home and be able to practice my putting because in addition to relaxing it allows me to improve my score too. " – Pierre Delorme

" Pas besoin d’arrosage ou de sortir la tondeuse, le vert de pratique quatre saisons est toujours vert et dans une parfaite condition. ". – Wajdi Dib