A new breath of life for all sports surfaces and fields in asphalt and synthetic grass

Indeed, cracks and the unevennesses on hard surfaces (asphalt) can be corrected. A work estimate must be made beforehand.

New lining proves often necessary to refresh your grounds. Another service offered by Bourassa Sport Technologie Inc.

Major repairs on surfaces in synthetic grass such as bumps, tearing of artificial turf, replacement of lines, etc must be evaluated beforehand.

An annual service contract on an acrylic surface includes/understands the repair of the cracks of surface, the cleaning of the black spots and the final improvement of the lines of fields. An evaluation of work and costs are made beforehand.

Often the acrylic resin grounds are not in need of resurfacing but are blackened by stains caused by stagnant water from rain or dead leaves left on the ground. Bourassa Sport Technologie also offers a service of high pressure cleaning for your acrylic resin surfaces.

After a few years of use, a sporting field with synthetic grass surface requires regular maintenance. A service contract on synthetic grass fields includes the cleaning of the surface using a high pressure blower, the removal of black marks, the spreading of anti-fungus treatment, the removal of any surplus of old sand and/or the addition of sand as needed, as well as making a uniform surface using a carpet sweeper. An annual maintenance can be performed four times a playing season according to individual needs or upon customer request.