Advanced Polymer Technology , an international scale manufacturing company that is renown for innovative coating products for sporting surfaces with its advanced polymer technology.

For more than 60 years, Laykold has been recognized in more than 150 countries to provide products of highest quality. Its continued excellence is seen at the forefront in development of high performance synthetic products.

Systems of acrylic or rubber coating varying from 3 to 9 layers, applied to sporting surfaces such as tennis, basketball, handball, badmington, tennis and other play surfaces. The Laykold® family of systems are acrylic sports surfaces that can be customized to achieve the desired performance, playability and appearance, making it an incredibly cost-effective way to breathe new life into asphalt or concrete surfaces. Low maintenance and resurfacing costs can extend a court’s playing life or transform it completely.

Laykold® is the official surface of the Miami Open and has been since 1984. It is a popular choice for community-funded facilities as they find new ways to increase utilization and physical activity. Laykold® is used in premier tennis facilities across the world and is also widely used for Pickleball courts, all weather basketball courts, game courts and in-line skating.

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Laykold Masters Color
Laykold Masters Ultra 2 / 3
Laykold Masters 5 / 8 / 8 indoor / float
Laykold Masters Montreal / Rome (Haro)
Laykold Masters Gel
Laykold Masters Bond-Kote
Laykold Masters Filler
Laykold Masters Line Prime
Laykold Masters Sealer  
Laykold ColorCoat / SkateOn /ADVANTAGE / ColorFlex
Laykold ColorFlex
Laykold CushionPlus
Laykold Traditional CushionPlus
Laykold CushionPlus Micron
Laykold Pickleball Pro
Laykold Qualicourt
Laykold FlexFill
Laykold Acrylic Concrete Primer
Laykold Acrylic Resurfacer
Laykold Colorcoat Concentrate
Laykold Crack Filler
Laykold Deep Patch

Sand filled synthetic grass for tennis and other sporting grounds. Various types of synthetic grass are also offered for football, soccer and golf courses.


products especially created for roller hockey surfaces or in-line skates, are becoming very popular in Quebec.

  1. PURfectSkate, a high performance polyurethane product which is applied in several layers to multi-sport surfaces having a concrete or asphalt base, indoors or outdoors. Choice of colors.
  1. Skate On, an acrylic base, is applied in several layers to concrete and asphalt surfaces. An economic alternative to the polyurethane system.

The ARMOR® Crack Repair System is a patent-pending process that utilizes a thin membrane to keep structural asphalt cracks from reappearing on the surface of tennis courts. This membrane allows the surface to expand and contract so effectivelly, it doesn't evem crck the paint. This system has proven itself in tempertures from 0°F (-18°C) to above 100°F (+38°C) for more than 10 years.

Armor: Download
Armor +: Download

Rubber tile surfacing system, resistant and weatherproof with great durability. Choice of colors, for interior or exterior playgrounds.

Especially made for gymnasium floors. High performance polyurethane surfaces are comfortable and quiet for players.

High performance polyurethane products of latex for interior and outdoor athletic tracks.