Bourassa Sport Technologie inc. and APT Laykold® Team are proud to announce the release of the FIRST EVER Advanced Premium Acrylic Surface Coating Product Line to Québec and Maritime Provinces, Canada. Proudly available exclusively through Bourassa Sport Technologie Plus Ltd!

Our Company: Specialized in the construction industry, the restoration and maintenance of sporting field and grounds. Our personnel has built and/or renovated more than 1500 sporting fields in many municipalities, centers, private colleges, universities, condos, clubs, hotels, campsites and also for private individuals.

Sports Field Installations is Our Specialty

TENNIS: Acrylic and/or rubber coating systems by Laykold, the official choice for the surfaces of the Miami Open since 1984.

  1. Synthetic grass surfaces - Omnicourt Classic or Omnicourt Top10 from Laykold
  2. Rubberized cushioned surfaces with new Laykold products
  3. Arificial grass for beaten /worn down turf with Policlay imitation soil from Laykold

Click here for a Laykold installation at the US Open

Applications made by our specialists, will make your tennis courts become a "must play" location.

The most significant factor to consider when one chooses a synthetic grass is the type of use which one wants to make. We have a complete line of synthetic turf of polypropylene or nylon, sanded or partial-sanded or unsanded to allow you to choose the most appropriate type for your needs and your budget.

Construction of Tennis Courts,
one of our specialties!
Call us, we have the information, the technical and practical experience which will enable you to make an enlightened choice on these topics.

BASKETBALL: Bourassa Sport Technologie has the surface that you need: Laykold Basketball System This product is composed of reinforced acrylic resin with tested hardener that allows it nearly abused such as street basketball without a fence.

ROLLER HOCKEY: Use your exterior skating rinks all year long!
Bourassa Sport Technologie Inc. has the surface you need: SKATE ON by Laykold. It is a multi-layer acrylic resin system for inline skating surfaces. PURFECT SKATE system is a resistant ultra polyurethane multi-layer system for exterior and interior surfaces.

SKATING RINK BOARDS: Our board system of is innovating the game for ultra hockey skating rinks with its ultra resistance.

MULTISPORTS: Change the game type at will. This acrylic surface will be functional with all sports which will be practised or played there. On the same surface, line markings for several sports can be simutaneously installed: tennis, badminton, volley ball, basketball, roller-hockey, etc.

WATER RECREATION: Bourassa Sport Technologie has the experience and the specialized acrylic products for asphalt and /or cement play surfaces to have extraordinary and durable results.

MINI-STAGE: A synthetic grass integrating goals, baskets and the fences can be used for multisports.
A mini-stage with sanded grass will make it possible to play basketball, soccer, handball, field hockey, volley ball, badminton, tennis and mini-tennis, etc. The advantage of the mini-stage is to have everything in only one place and the possibility to play several sports on the same surface area. The mini-stage is ideal for, campsites, holiday camps, schools, hotels, inns and also for private individuals. One can convert a gravel parking lot into a multi-sport playing surface.

MINI-TENNIS: Helps to develop coordination, agility and balance for young and people of all ages.

SOCCER: Considering the current popularity of soccer, requests for these surfaces have increased dramatically. The improper use and the overuse of playing fields render conventional surfaces that are difficult to play and maintain. Our technology allows the conversion of all or part of an existing playing field to provide a surface which combines natural grass and synthetic turf with an infill of rubber granules that will maximize the usage time and greatly reduce maintenance.

Many advantages:
  1. fast drainage
  2. frost resistance
  3. super resistant
  4. usable at any time
  5. safe for the players
  6. ideal for intensive practice or play
  7. low maintenance required
  8. low friction at play surface

The soccer goal zones are the places most damaged during tournaments. Synthetic turf proves to be the ideal solution for this problem. Indeed, Bourassa Sport Technologie Inc. installs goal zones and center fields for soccer with synthetic grass inlilled with rubber granules. This helps eliminate the replacement of natural grass due to high-speed wear in these locations. No need to redo the field every year !

Synthetic turf for soccer or football fields is already used in the international, collegiate and university arenas. Municipalities are more and more interested in this type of playing surface because the maintenance costs are very low. If you have of installation projects that could use synthetic grass on existing soccer or football fields, call us, we have the solution you need.