Q : Which club do you have in hand when you make a Par... or a Birdie?
A : If its your putter, then why do you insist on practicing your drives.
Q :
Why practice on artificial turf instead of natural grass?
A : The cost of installation of a natural grass practice green has high cost but its maintenance costs are even higher. To maintain a natural grass practice green necessitates the purchase of a high precision mower, weedkiller, disease treatments, pesticides, powerful fertilizers and even more. You will have to learn how to apply the necessary quantity of chemicals to maintain your green in good health. You surely already heard golfers say that they spent more time maintaining the practice green than to practise on it. To install a natural grass green can become drudgery whereas all you really wanted to do was to improve your putting. Our practice greens are very accessible and will meet your budget. Once installed, your practice greens by Quatre Saisons will be virtually maintenance free. All you have to do is remove dead leaves with a blower or a brush.
Q : Can I add or remove contours as well as a border around my practice green?
A : Obviously, you can create the contours you wish with the base material. Crushed stone is very easy to handle and makes it possible to create the type of surface contour that you want. The synthetic grass adheres directly to the base of crushed stone.
Q : Generally, how long does it take to install a Quatre Saisons practice green.
A : A small practice green of 15 by 30 will take about one day, whereas larger sizes of 30 by 30 takes two days.
Q : Will we need special tools or equipment?
A : No. The majority of tools which you will need are common home tools. You will, however, need to rent a vibrator to compact the crushed stone base. This may be found at most tool rental locations.
Q : Is it possible to install a Quatre Saisons practice green by yourself.
A : Yes! Our practice greens are very easy to install and a complete installation handbook will be provided to you with the purchase of your Quatre Saisons practice green. Just follow each step, one after the other. If you have diffuculty, just call our toll free telephone number to communicate with a technical service representative who will be pleased to assist you.
Q : Is it possible to purchase a turn-key installation of a Quatre Saisons practice green?
A : Yes. Our team of senior installers will be pleased to install your practice green in your back yard for a small fee.
Q : Are the Quatre Saisons practice greens covered by a guarantee?
A : Certainly. Our manufacturer's warranty is 8 years. This guarantee comes from a reputable and stable company which has been in operation since 1971.
Q : What type of base is necessary for the installation of the practice green?
A : We recommend a base of crushed stone 0"-1/2 '. (this means that the smallest stone is dust and that the largest stone is of 0.5 inch in diameter). A sample of the stone is included with our installation handbook.
Q : Is it possible to carry out an approach to about 100 yards?
A : Absolutely ! Let us use our resourcefulness to absorb the of energy of the impact. Under your practice green, you will install a closed cell undercarpet which is included in your practice green kit. This undercarpet will vary the density according to the hitting distance you want.
Q : Can nature damage my Quatre Saisons practice green?
A : Our synthetic turf is installed throughout the world such as: Mexico where there is intense sun and heat, to Canada with extreme cold and wide temperature swings. Our synthetic grass fibres are factory treated against UV rays and are resistant to rain, snow and sun.
Q : What are the advantages of this product?
A : Affordability, freedom from maintenance, ease of installation, resistance to all climate conditions, may be used nearly all year long, increased property value and is guaranteed to last.